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Meet The Teacher    


Katherine A. Miles


Katherine has been singing, playing piano and performing for over 38 years. Before graduating high school, she passed the Royal Conservatory Grade 8 exams and Theory and was teaching young students. She has been involved in kids' and youth choirs, music ensembles and large scale musical productions. At 18 she was taking opera lessons in Toronto with Vocal Coach, Katherine Scott. Soon after at Master's College and Seminary she was part of a travelling music team that performed province-wide. By age 23 she was the full time Music Assistant/Drama Director at Kennedy Road Tabernacle in Brampton. This included assisting with a large choir and directing performances seen by thousands of people.

In recent years, her musical talents have been seen in Sudbury through local music teams, a short term with Octatonic Decadence choral group led by David Buley, and her debut EP produced in 2011. The album includes four original songs with her vocal and piano performances available through iTunes.


"Music is such an integral part of life; it can move us, help us grow, and change us for the better. It is an essential tool to empower the next generation."

Embrace Your Song

Quality Piano and Vocal Lessons

With Katherine A. Miles

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