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Girl in Piano Class


Music Lessons. What a beautiful way to channel our childrens' emotions and uncertainties. Provide your child with a weekly, positive social interaction while they keep their mind busy and set new goals to achieve...

Pink Blossom


1. Lessons at School NOW AVAILABLE for Carl Nesbitt, St Paul & St Charles Elementary. Save yourself so much time and effort as your child learns at school! (There may be a waiting list currently).


2. Evening Lessons at teacher's home on a baby grand piano!

3. Evening Lessons over Zoom. Notes and Recordings sent home to assist with practice.

4. Combination of Zoom and In Person lessons each month means less driving for parents but students still receive "in person" attention.


Spots given on a first come, first serve basis. Spots are secured with payment.

2023 SPRING  

Call now to book lessons:


Online Lessons available on Zoom from anywhere in the Eastern Time Zone...


St Charles Catholic (Chelmsford)

St Paul Elementary (Coniston)

Rainbow School Board has not opened up for school lessons at this time.

Evening Students in Garson (limited spots available, In Person or Zoom available at the teacher's home with masks and distancing)

(Age 6 and up)

Embrace Your Song

Quality Piano and Vocal Lessons

With Katherine A. Miles

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